Monday, August 29, 2005

Dark Deception: The Seance Experience

SHOW TITLE: Dark Deception: The Seance Experience
VENUE: Players Theatre
GENRE: Comedy/Thriller/Seance
RATING (0-4): 3

0 Run, don't walk, away from this disaster
1 Proceed with caution
2 Mild summer fare
3 More than just hype
4 Don't miss this one its FRINGE-tastic!


Dark Deception led us through an old fashion seance. From the
beginning our host Todd Robbins gave some history to a traditional
seance and told us that it was all fake from its inception back in the
1800's. The show was so much fun. I wa so nervous to go see the show
because I thought that it was going to be scary, but I was pleasantly
surprised. Robbins had the audience laughing and on the edge of their
seats the entire show. I loved how into it Robbins became, his
alter-ego of a spiritual reverend was so believable. This experience
was a once in a life-time trip into the deceptive world of the seance.
The last 15 minutes were conducted in absolute darkness which made the
whole audience in Robbins' control. By this point of the show, however,
much to my surprise I was not afraid to be in total darkness. I felt
very comfortable and secure which is completely do to the comforting
nature of Robbins. Finally, although Robbins did tell us that the
seance was fake, he is still an amazing talent. He wowed the audience
with small tricks in the beginning of the show which were enough to
blow me away, even before we got to the seance finally. This show was
definitely worth the late night out.


I see it having a possible career on Off-Off Broadway. It's different
and stands out from the other shows in the festival due to the concept
and nature of the topic.


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