Monday, August 29, 2005

The Last Two Minutes of the Complete Works of Henrik Ibsen

SHOW TITLE: The Last Two Minutes of the Complete Works of Henrik Ibsen
VENUE: Ace Clubs
GENRE: Comedy
RATING (0-4): 2

0 Run, don't walk, away from this disaster
1 Proceed with caution
2 Mild summer fare
3 More than just hype
4 Don't miss this one its FRINGE-tastic!


The Last Two Minutes of the Complete Works of Henrick Ibsen was a
collection of the last two minutes of every Ibsen play. It was
performed by a group of Neo-Futurists and it was very interesting The
first Act they used many creative ways to play out the last two
minutes. t was interesting to watch the similarities between all the
plays and the different unique ways that the actors played each
mini-scene. The second Act dragged a bit because they stopped being
overly creative and seemed to just play out the last two minutes. Also,
the later plays of Ibsen become more dark and realistic as the years go
on so the second Act was filled with a lot more drama. However, the
show was not only fun, but informative. It was interesting to see first
hand all the similarities between each ending. the experience that I
had today is something that you could not get, usually, unless you
watched all of Ibsen's plays in there entirety. i enjoyed this show and
thought that the Neo-Futursits did a great job as playing multiply
Ibsen characters. It was a very creative concept and an engaging


None. it was interesting, but not very marketable.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just found this. Thanks very much for the review.

Just a clarification, the cast was only made up of one Neo-Futurist, and the rest are Chicago actors.

Since the Fringe, the show was produced professionally in North Carolina and the original cast/director is remounting it professionally at the Northlight Theater in Chicago this September:

Don't know if it will ever go back to New York, but the very kind review the NY Times wrote can't hurt the prospect.

Thanks again for your review.


1:46 PM  

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