Tuesday, August 16, 2005

SUV: The Musical

SHOW TITLE: SUV: The Musical
VENUE: The Village Theatre
GENRE: Musical Comedy

RATING (0-4): 2


0 Run, don't walk, away from this disaster
1 Proceed with caution
2 Mild summer fare
3 More than just hype
4 Don't miss this one its FRINGE-tastic!


SUV: The Musical followed a misguided car designer and a wayward environmental activist on their quest to prove their own views of what is right and wrong. The play was filled with witty lines and political humor encapsulated in cheesy song and dance numbers. At parts the cheesiness harkened back to "Urinetown" and at other times fell short of being successful. The incorporation of the crash test dummies, both as stage crew and then later incorporated as characters in the play, proved to be one of the funniest parts of the show. The play however, did fall a bit short when it came to storyline and over all point to the piece. But it was a very funny and witty show, for $15 dollars.


I see this show being picked up by more of a high school or college market. The subject matter is very much prevalent to the youth of America and the overacting necessary to fulfill the demands of this show seem fitting for this market.


Anonymous Aiden Mathews said...

Hey! This review makes me actually a bit interested to see this how. My wife got tickets and I was alittle on the fence about wether I should go or not. But I like big car and comedy so I figure that I will give it a shot.

10:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the title too. I love these "_____ The Musical" shows. Some are really funny. I want to see this one.

10:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good show. I agree with the original comment about the crash dummies, they were a highlight of the play. Definitely a good laugh.

7:44 AM  
Anonymous cathy said...

I am really glad I got a chance to see this show. The crash dummies were very clever way of dressing the crew which had me looking forward to each scenary change and was pleasently surprised as they became actors in the performance. I thought some of the songs ran long, but I thoroughly enjoyed the actors voices.

9:29 AM  
Blogger Team Plus said...

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1:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really felt like I was watching a high school production. With the TERRIBLE sound mix – with body mics randomly turning on and off – and the clunky cardboard set pieces and the one-dimensional characters that were mostly poorly acted, there were high school horror memories flooding back to me! It’s a very one-note plot – big bad rich boss makes gas-guzzling SUVs vs. granola type environmentalist that drives a Yugo. Somehow there’s a Middle Eastern sheik thrown into the mix as well. The one thing that shocked me was that the environmentalist falls for the wife of the rich guy, not his teenaged daughter, which was where I assumed it was going. Good guy wins. Bad guy gets electrocuted.

The absolute funnies thing in this show and out of any show I’ve seen in the Fringe this year is the convention of using Crash Test Dummies as the running crew. Hilarious! The dummies’ roles grew as the show went on, one of the dummies even getting his own unrequited love song about one of the other dummies. In the end, the dummy saves the day. A+ for the Crash Test Dummies.

1:30 PM  

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